New Lovers:
Let me quickly get into your info. After the first screening is done, no need to worry with these formalities ever again!

Screening! What does it even mean?
+For my safety, I have to know with who I’ll be locked in a hotel room.  We start with your booking confirmation (that email you receive from the hotel), which shows that on the requested date your have a room booked with the name you gave me.
In case I had the chance to look your digital footprints (care to share your social media?) and I feel we are not a good match, I will politely decline the date because I believe we both deserve a genuine good time.
If a reputable provider -any escort you met in the past 6 months- can vouch for your best behaviour, just give me a name.
I may -or may not- request some extra info… because you know the sting “better safe than sorry”…

We have a date, now what?
+Start picking an outfit that makes you feel good and comfortable. Be fresh out of the shower. Nothing sexier than a well groomed man.
It’s ok to be nervous… I also get the butterflies and I love it.
Fee free to tell me your needs or just sit back and relax!
I will conduct the date with maestry.

You will receive one text message 30 minutes before our meeting to say I am on the way (Oh, the anticipation…) then 5 minutes before my arrival (Beam me up, Scotty!) since most of the places needs a card to activate the lift, we can meet in the lobby.
Bookings over 4 hours requires a minimum 1h of social time.
Handle the payment within the first 10 minutes and then let’s dive into this adventure!
A discreet way to make the payment on outdoors meeting is to place it with a box of chocolate or a greeting card. 
When arriving in the place where we have reservations, just go to our table. I’ll give the booking name to the restaurant staff and they will take me to you without the risk of me greeting the wrong guy, which I have done before and it was embarrassing enough to make me not want to repeat! (the wife was close by, wasn’t happy to see all smiles… took some time to clear that up)
If you need help, I have a few suggestions for the perfect date.

Extending  Time
+Before our time is up, let me know if you still want more from me. We settle immediately the balance and I’m all yours (again!).

International Appointments
+Round trip tickets, booking confirmation and 50% payment required.

+Feel free to tell me about your likes and dislikes when comes to outfit, the way you want be touched, if you are the shy guy, or the one always hungry for more.

Deposit&Cancellation Policy
+In case of short notice cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable and bad karma will follow… but it can be used towards our next date, if informed within 24h (because I am super nice!)
Highly unlikely,  if I have to cancel you receive full refund and probably some sexy nude selfies as a hot apology.
Deposits are payable via gift card.

Last minute
+Add 100€ as rush fee and we are good to go! Because making me get out my comfy bed and silk PJ comes with extra charge.

Celebrity concerns
+I appreciate your care for privacy! That makes two of us.
If needed, I can book the hotel room under my name to avoid unnecessary scandals, but saying you are Charlie Munger, is different than proving that you are indeed the centenary billionaire.
Need of discretion won’t excuse you from screening. After all, where do you think I can go with your information, huh?