Our Date

I am a highly adventurous lady with an inquisitive spirit and I will surely enamor you in bed and out of it. I would be a loyal companion that would adorn your side and complement your personality with the right powerful and enchanting aura.

How about spending some time outdoors with me by your side? There is so much we can do! A private picnic in one of the numerous beautiful parks and throughout the city,  an evening out for Theatre or Opera, calm afternoon exploring a Museum… I would be glad to accompany you and make your day and night brighter than the glinting stars.

Yes, I also know that with a hectic schedule and monotonous life, it can be really hard and stressful to give the best at work. To help you through these, I can be the therapy you need for relaxation, offering you a break for a quickie that will be soothing and comforting with all the relief after a pleasurable time together.

My favorite date setup is an early night drinks and hotel room after, where we will find pleasure in each other’s body. I will be more than willing to indulge all your physical cravings.

You might have fantasies, therefore, feel free to share your innermost desires with me and I will most certainly make your kinkiest fantasy come to pass. And if your taste differs as time goes by, this is why I will continually enrapture you with limitless affection and the feminine companionship you desire.

Are you also in need of a company to a casual outing? Or perhaps you have something a little more formal in mind? There is no better way to make an appearance by showing up with a sexy, well-dressed and curvaceous woman by your side. I have been called a social chameleon due to the professionalism and experience with which I comport and conduct myself even in social gatherings. So, I can either blend into the background if you need me to stay subtle, or turn on my charm and blow everyone’s mind away with my experienced witty banters.


bookings@luisa-avila.at | +43 68120851845